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DJ Mar N Dean have grown to a production team of 3 members Dean & Micheal Barrett & Judith Whittaker as a family music business we produce music for production use in films and television online media such as video sharing sites and more. we have slowly moved to producing music for release on our artist website and are presenting our freelance music productions to interested listeners in the form of Episodes 2018 brings a wide new range of musical projects in the works as we are currently starting Week Sessions an episode series featuring music from all the team members at its core with mini sets presented by Dean Micheal & Judy as they take you on a journey in the style of a radio yet with the freedom to choose and play your favorite tracks.

We welcome you to our musical Journey as we share a wide range of new tracks this year from our talented team of music producers. we work with a wide range of DAW's to create different styles of music and work with both samples and midi to make sure we have fresh new content. subscribers will be able to enjoy an affordable way to receive new episodes from the team as a matter of convenience or leave comments in the VIP area to request musical styles in up and coming releases.

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DJ Mar N Dean
Hervey Bay, Australia
DJ Mar N Dean have been creating music since 2004 crafting many of their works for film licensing and more. over the years the team have been looking to produce a range of titles and stumbled onto Bandcamp :). here you may find some unique gems from our team here at DJ Mar N Dean.

Dean Barrett
Micheal Barrett
Judith Whittaker

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