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Hello and welcome from DJ Mar N Dean,
We are a small family run music production business based in Hervey Bay Queensland Australia,
our team has been working on creating music for over 10 years and are looking to expand our music library

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      more ep releases to come so stay tuned Sep 7, 2015
    • .
      We have been very busy setting up a game plan to p... Sep 7, 2015
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      Very Pleased to have uploaded Shifting Sands (Rema... Sep 4, 2015
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DJ Mar N Dean
Hervey Bay, Australia
DJ Mar N Dean have been creating music for over 10 years crafting many of their works for film licensing and more. over the years the team have been looking to produce a range of titles and stumbled onto Bandcamp :). here you may find some unique gems from our team here at DJ Mar N Dean.

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